The director of the studio KAPI received two awards at the MONSTRA festival

20-year-old Ukrainian director Anastasiia Falileieva was awarded at the international animation festival class A – MONSTRA. She received two Special Awards in the Student Short Film Competition category from the senior and junior juries for her 7-minutes short film "Until It Turns Black".

"When the truth stings the eyes and nothing can be changed, it seems that the only way out is to escape into a fictional world. Fantasy soothes the pain for a while, but is it just that magic pill? Don't forget: even the dirty narrow streets are covered with a beautiful sky, and the sun always shines above the darkest clouds. I am also a fugitive. It is dedicated to all those who do not agree with reality,” it says in the synopsis to the film.

Anastasiia Falileieva is a director, animator, VJ artist. She studied stop-motion animation under the guidance of a prominent Ukrainian puppet master and director-animator Oleh Pedan from 2016 to 2020 (Pedan accepted Anastasia on a course at 16).

Oleh Pedan and Anastasiia Falileieva

Falileieva already has several animated short films – "Strange King" (2016), "Forel" (2017), "Kotku" (2018). Earlier, her film "Until it turns black" has already become successful at international festivals such as REX International Film Festival, Odessa International Film Festival, Linoleum International Film Festival, Animation marathon Athens, Animax Skopje Animation Film Festival, and others. Besides, it won 4 awards, a special jury mention, and was nominated for the award of the Ukrainian critics award "Kinokolo" as the best animated short film of 2020.

Currently, Anastasiia Falileieva is shooting a short animated film "Tiger is strolling around" in collaboration with Studio KAPI.

Tiger is Strolling Around – trailer