Trouble Nubble Gum
The thought is equal to action, the name is equal to a person. When Petryk, a schoolboy, only thought of taking revenge on his classmates and erased their names from the letter, the children disappeared from the real world. They ended up in the rubber Baroniia, an unusual country that is literally built on children's grievances and anger. Realizing what he has done, Petryk, together with his friend Kate and teacher Bo-Bo, go to the Baroniia to bring back friends. Will the red-haired mischievous child be able to unravel the secret of the rubber country and save his classmates?
Dalia and the Red Book
Dalia, the daughter of a famous writer who has recently died, is left to finish her father's unfinished book. In order to do so, Dalia will become part of the book and come face to face with the characters who have taken over the plot in their struggle to play the leading roles. Dalia has only 12 hours, one blank page, and a pen to complete the story. Will she manage to finish it?
The City of Happy Boys
Four boys met at a hotel in a resort town. They are representatives of different nationalities and religions, but they do not even think about it. Actually, why should they? It's so easy to be friends! They are interested to talk to each other, play on the beach, swim, and, of course, building a sand city. It could be destroyed very easily. But the boys do not worry about that. They keep the focus on the process of creation, not destruction. So every evening sea waves sweep the sand city away. And every morning boys rebuild the city again. But how long can they continue to do so in unison?
Tiger is Strolling Around
Katsumi is feeling blue. While walking through a ghost Japanese town, she can see signs that her life has reached the point of no return. When she decides to end this misery, Magic Tiger appears. Can he save her?
Myshko and Dzvinka
A little girl Dzvinka feels very lonely on the Moon. Seeking friends, she goes to the Blue Planet, where she meets the naughty Myshko. He is so weird! But fantasies and dreams reveal something common between them. Overcoming the differences, Myshko and Dzvinka become good friends. They definitely will have a lot of adventures!
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We create an animation that inspires, fascinates, excites, engages, fills with energy, gives smiles, and provoke empathy. Feel the world with us!
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  • We make the world a bit kinder!
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We are a Ukrainian animation studio, which unites talented people.
We are a Ukrainian animation studio, which unites talented people.
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